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Members Updates - Coffee Break - 09-05-2006 02:28 PM

[Talk Thailand Members Update]

Some exciting news to report from around Talk Thailand this month

1. Membership Base

Our membership base has quickly grown to around 120 members, who have posted over 1600 posts. The forum is becoming quite active with lots of interesting discussions

2. Weekly Trivia Quiz

$5 in e-gold is up for grabs in our Weekly Trivia Quiz. We started our first quiz yesterday, we are up to our second clue, it has not been won yet, so drop on bye, have a guess and be in the running for an easy $5


3. In the News

Suvarnabhumi Airport set to open on Sept the 28th


Eight Yala banks attacked by bombs


4. Sports Talk

AFL Finals are just around the corner


Chaos at England v Pakistan Cricket Test Match


Best Wishes,

Talk Thailand Support Team


- Coffee Break - 11-01-2006 03:50 PM

It`s ALL GO here at Talk-Thailand. But before I get to tell you what`s happening, let me first of all welcome all our new members. Thank you for becoming part of our community. We have seen excellent growth since we launched just a little less than 6 months ago.

For those of you who run your own Websites take a look at this great `freebie.`

"To get the best search engine optimization (SEO) it is best to have a proper title, description, and keywords associated to your web pages. Using the Meta Tag Creator it will create the necessary html tags necessary to get your site fully optimized for search engine bots. After entering the proper entries into each text box you will be provided with the essential codes needed to place in your web pages."

Check this thread out for more information.


Next, the 500th member, and the 1,000th member of the forum will both receive $5 to their e-gold accounts.


Should the sale and consumption of alcohol - the world's favourite drug - be further restricted, or even banned?

That`s the subject of our very first DEBATE.

Have your say here and vote in the Poll:-


And don`t forget our Trivia Quiz. The winner collects $5 in e-gold. The new one begins early next week.

Just to mention that a new gardening forum has been opened by Geoff at http://www.outdoorlivingsupplies.info/forum/ for those of you who have an interest in gardening. Check this `growing` community out. lol

That`s all for now folks, but stay tuned, there`s a lot more to come at Talk-Thailand

Phil, Geoff, and the team.