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Flying saucer 'spotted on Google Earth' - cyrano - 02-25-2009 04:31 PM

Romanian UFO investigators are appealing for people to stop reporting sightings of a flying saucer on Google Earth.

After receiving tens of reports that a disc-shaped object had landed on farmland near the city of Timisoara, the Romanian UFO Network set out on a field trip.

They followed the coordinates given by the satellite pictures, and found an abandoned water facility in woodland on the edge of a field.

Paul Dorneanu, president of the Romanian UFO Network, said: "I've been there and taken some shots of that building.

"It is just a water pumping facility that used to supply Timisoara city in the past. There was another similar building a few miles away."

However, he said that despite his evidence, some UFO enthusiasts were refusing to give up on their belief that a flying saucer had landed in Romania.

"Some people believe we are all part of a conspiracy to obscure the truth about UFOs. We do have solid reports about UFO activities in Romania but this is definitely not one of them," said Mr Dorneanu.