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Cars - cyrano - 04-18-2008 07:22 AM

Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé To Make Asian Debut At Auto China 2008

[Image: rr-drophead-coupe-08.jpg]

Goodwood - Rolls-Royce Motor Cars will unveil its new Phantom Coupé for the first time in the Asia Pacific region at the 10th Auto China 2008 Beijing, to be held at the New China International Exhibition Center, on Sunday, 20 April 2008.

The Coupé, the fourth new model from Rolls-Royce under BMW Group ownership, is the most driver-orientated model in the Phantom line-up. This two-door, four-seater model has already seen outstanding demand with this year’s production already sold.

A modern grand touring coupé in the finest tradition, this car is powered by the Phantom’s 6.75-litre V12, producing 460hp and 720Nm of torque making it the definitive choice for all-day, long distance driving. With its engine tuned for immense low down torque, the new Rolls-Royce effortlessly achieves the 0-100 km/h sprint in 5.8 seconds, and continues rapidly towards an electronically governed top speed of 250km/h.

RE: Cars - cyrano - 04-21-2008 06:20 AM

Aston Martin DB7 Vantage

[Image: Aston-Martin-DB7-Vantage-Coupe-green.jpg]

The Vantage name has been used by Aston Martin since 1950 to identify the highest performance model in a particular range. It was first introduced for the Aston Martin DB2. Since the DBS model in 1972 a Vantage derivative has included changes to the specification of the brakes, steering and suspension to match the improved performance. Now, a New Aston Martin Vantage has arrived on the scene, the DB7 Vantage , with a maximum speed in excess of 180 mph (290km/h) powered by a totally new, high technology 420 horsepower 6.0 litre V12

This new and additional model of the DB7 which has been designed and developed specifically to provide exceptional and outstanding levels of power and performance will accelerate to 60 mph (100km/h) in less than 5.0 seconds.

There is a choice of either a six speed close ratio manual transmission, which is unique to the Vantage DB7, or a five speed ZF automatic which permits the driver to select individual ratios through a floor mounted shift-lever or through the Touchtronic push button operated electronic control system. With the six speed transmission the DB7 Vantage has a maximum speed of 185mph (298km/h) while the automatic derivative has a governed maximum speed of 165mph (266km/h).

The DB7 Vantage, available in both Coupe and Volante body styles, is the first ever Aston Martin to be powered by a 12 cylinder engine and is being offered for sale to customers in 31 different countries throughout the world. The new 420 horsepower, 48 valve, all-alloy V12 engine delivers 400lbs ft of torque and is the first of a totally new generation of advanced technology Aston Martin power units which are already capable of exceeding the most stringent of current and projected emission standards. It incorporates the latest in Formula I technology and has been designed and developed in close cooperation with the Ford Research and Vehicle Technology Group and Cosworth Technology. Features include an engine oil/water heat exchanger to improve cooling efficiency and an ionised gas misfire detection system.

The 60¦ V12 Aston Martin engine, which is designed to operate at a maximum speed of 7000rpm, features four valves per cylinder, twin overhead camshafts for each bank of cylinders and a sophisticated Visteon electronic management system which has the capacity to process 1.6 million commands per second and monitors and controls fuel injection, ignition strategy, traction control, vehicle security, exhaust emissions and the engine's diagnostic system.

The Brembo brake system, with Teves four channel electronic anti-lock control, has ventilated cross drilled 355mm diameter discs at the front and 330mm diameter discs at the rear. It has been designed and tailored specifically to cater for the exceptional power and performance of the Vantage DB7. The distinctive new multi-spoke 18ins diameter aluminium alloy road wheels have been developed especially for the DB7 Vantage. There are 9ins width rims at the rear and 8ins rims at the front, equipped with ZR rated 265/35 Bridgestone SO2 tyres for the rear wheels and 245/40 SO2 tyres for the front.

The advanced traction control system monitors and analyses the performance of each individual road wheel on a continuing basis. In the event of wheel spin or slippage it will apply a correction within 64 milliseconds by reducing the power output of the engine and if necessary activating the rear brake system.

Both the front and rear suspension systems of the Vantage DB7 have been developed specifically for this new 185mph model to optimise the precise handling which is a feature of all DB7 models. At the front there are new upper and lower wishbones in conjunction with a new design vertical link, while there is an additional horizontal linkage incorporated in the independent rear suspension. New design Bilstein shock absorbers in conjunction with higher rate springs are included in both the front and rear suspension systems.

In order to accommodate the V12 engine and the new range of six speed manual and five speed automatic transmissions a new design underbody has been created for the DB7 Vantage. It includes a new front-end structure, an enlarged transmission tunnel and increased strength and torsional rigidity for the complete assembly. As with all other models of the Aston Martin DB7 the new Vantage model exceeds by a wide margin all present day crash test requirements.

Other notable design features include new and wider openings for the radiator air intakes with a new bright metal design grille. There are new front fog and turn indicator lamps reminiscent of the Project Endurance Racing Cars of the 1960s and a new high mounted rear stop lamp.

Within the luxurious interior there are new heated, Connolly hide upholstered front bucket seats with adjustable cushions, backrests and headrests together with new design instruments. The Alpine stereo radio cassette complements the large red separate engine start button which is mounted prominently in the centre console unit close to the analogue clock.

Every Aston Martin is produced individually to satisfy the precise needs and requirements of its future owner. Customers are provided with an infinite choice of body colour and upholstery schemes and there is the opportunity to specify alternative materials in place of the traditional wood veneers for the instrument, centre console and door panels.

Traction control, a multi-track CD player, air conditioning, electrically heated front seats, together with electrically heated rear screens and door mirrors, twin airbags and a fully adjustable steering column are available for all Aston Martin DB7s. In addition customers may specify features as diverse as satellite navigation, fitted luggage, an umbrella holder, parking sensors or an extended luggage area in place of the rear seat which can even be supplied with individual accommodation for the carriage of family pets.

Source:21st Century

RE: Cars - cyrano - 04-26-2008 06:10 AM

2008 Volkswagen Tiguan - Fast Forward
Say hello to the Touareg's little brother
writer: Michael Febbo

[Image: epcp_0801_07_z+2008_volkswagen_tiguan_red+side_view.jpg]

First Drive
Volkswagen is trying hard to emphasize the duality of its new compact SUV. First, the name. Tiguan is a combination of tiger and iguana. Presumably, one represents a strong, fast, ruthless predator, while the other's natural habitat is desert, implying the ability to withstand harsh conditions.

For the European market at least, the Tiguan comes in two packages: one designed specifically for off-roading, the other for the everyday function of running from the school to the shops to soccer practice.

The Tiguan is a capable off-road vehicle. The all-wheel-drive system can slog through mud and sand without hesitation. Climbing 28-degree inclines is a cinch, while its descent control keeps it from careening out of control on the opposite side.

In the city, the Tiguan drives very much like a tall version of the Golf. The suspension displays typical VW characteristics. A firm ride and responsive steering adds some entertainment to driving. On winding country roads, it's stable and predictable. Dive, squat and body roll are all magnified by the higher center of gravity, but the motion is well controlled and never feels uncomfortable.

The Haldex 4Motion all-wheel-drive system is completely transparent. There is no binding or squealing tires as found in similar systems. The six-speed manual gearbox has a first gear low enough for off-roading and a sixth gear comfortable for highway cruising. This transmission can handle first gear as low as 1000 rpm without stalling, so it's easy to creep along at just under 5 mph, similar to a reduction box.

The interior is designed for maximum utility. Every seat except the driver's has a fold-flat option. Apparently, the designers used the longest box from IKEA as a benchmark for interior space. With the front passenger seat folded flat, there's just over eight feet of length available for cargo. For towing, the Tiguan has an ingenious hitch that pivots down from behind the bumper. It's completely hidden when not in use and deploys with the pull of a cable.

Possibly the most exciting aspects are the two engines tested: a 1.4-liter TSI engine-equipped with both a supercharger and a turbocharger-and the extremely impressive 2.0-liter TDI. The gasoline-powered TSI engine works surprisingly well in this fairly large platform. The car isn't fast, but certainly quick enough for its intended use.

The 2.0-liter turbodiesel is really impressive. Great torque at low revs, no smoke and it even sounds good. This is the future of engines for VW. With common rail direct injection and meeting new Euro-5 emissions standards, it provides similarperformance to a 2.0T while returning nearly 40 mpg. The redline is a couple thousand rpm less than the gasoline engine, but that doesn't detract from the driving.

The Tiguan takes the small SUV market to a whole new level in terms of quality and luxury. For those who insist on having an SUV, this is going to be one of the best choices. It's loaded with useful features, has huge amounts of space and provides the comfort required by mainstream SUV buyers who want a car's performance while desiring an SUV's utility and lifestyle statement.

2008 Volkswagen Tiguan (European spec)

[Image: epcp_0801_12_z+tiguan_steering_wheel+interior_view.jpg]

Transverse front engine
Haldex all-wheel drive
2.0-liter twin super- and turbo-charged in-line four, gasoline
2.0-liter turbocharged in-line four, diesel
Six-speed manual; optional six-speed automatic
MacPherson strut (f)/four-link ®
Four-wheel discs, ABS
Peak Power:197 hp
Peak Torque:207 lb-ft
Peak Power:167 hp
Peak Torque:258 lb-ft
Why we love it:
Great interior, phenomenal engines, good off-road ability
Why we don't:
People will buy this over a Jetta wagon with no intention of ever going off-road
The Price Tag:
$25,000 (est.)

RE: Cars - cyrano - 05-03-2008 06:02 AM

Car plates fetch 9.8 mln dlrs in UAE auction

DUBAI (AFP) - An auction for 57 special car registration plates fetched some 9.8 million dollars Friday, with the double-digit plate 50 G being sold for some 926,000 dollars, WAM official news agency reported.

More than 300 bidders took part in the auction organised by Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority, which saw a fierce race to grab the few double-digit numbers on offer.

The registration number 23 G came second after going for 2.92 million dirhams (795,600 dollars), while the number 32 G was sold for 2.5 million dirhams (681,000 dollars).

Triple-digit plate number 700 F was sold for 1.3 million dirhams (354,000 dollars), while four-digit plate 8000 G got 690,000 dirhams (188,000 dollars).

Auctions for car registration plates have become a fashion in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates with auction organisations frequently netting millions of dollars.

In February, a wealthy Emirati splashed out a record 52.2 million dirhams (14.2 million dollars) on an Abu Dhabi registration plate bearing number "1". In May last year, another one spent more than five million dollars for the number "5".

Oil-producing Gulf states such as the UAE have seen their economies boom in recent years on the back of record-high crude prices.