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Supply plywood - ellenzhejiang - 01-12-2007 03:54 AM

We are one of the most professional manufacturers and exporters specializing in plywood and veneer production. Our company established in 1999, adjacent to Shanghai, with annual productivity of 80,000 cubic.

Below is the main featurers of our products:

1) size: 1,220mm x 2,440mm or as requested
2) Thickness: 2.5mm - 30mm
3) Core: poplar, birch, pine, hardwood, combined
4)Glue: E1, E2, melamine, WBP, MR
5) Application field: construction, furniture, furniture decorations, packing
6) Capacity: 6,000cbm/month

For Huasen best-quality, excellent service and competitive price would be essential.

Thanks and best regards!

Sales Executive: Ellen Li
Jiashan Huasen Wood Co.,Ltd
Economic Development Zone, Jiashan
Tel: 86-573-4753099
Fax: 86-573-4752878
Email: salesplywood@gmail.com
Url: http://www.huasenwood.cn

RE: Supply plywood - pattaya surfer - 01-13-2007 05:33 AM

If I need any plywood, I will give you a call.

RE: Supply plywood - deejay - 01-13-2007 05:56 AM

Good business contact for people that need plywood. Welcome to the forum ellenzhejiang.

RE: Supply plywood - Coffee Break - 01-14-2007 10:22 AM

Welcome to Talk Thailand Ellen Li.