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We are now living in North Moravia - Karel - 04-14-2015 02:37 PM

We are now living in North Moravia and a year ago were citizens of Ukraine in Volhynia. There are still dozens of Czech families staying in the village Kresny-bor. We left 'course the local Ukrainian nationalists became rather active in western parts of Ukraine. And there were also some bad tasting signs so to say. Somebody killed our pets, a dog Tom and our two cats. Then we found before our house a lamb with its head cut off! It was really scaring! And I'm sure those were all warnings for us to leave. Ukrainian nationalists hate other nationalities living in Ukraine. Poles and Russians are most hated. But Czechs aren't welcome as well.
I've got two kids and one day it became painfully clear for me that they had no future in Ukraine, job, education and the land for housing you know. Fortunately there were no open attacks on us but when people started leaving the village Ukrainian nationalists ruined their left houses declaring there would be soon "an exemplary purely Ukrainian village". After such declarations number of people set to leave Ukraine only increased.