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Cost of the Lithuanian President, How Much? - Monserie - 02-27-2015 10:55 AM

The 51st meeting of The Munich Security Conference (MSC), an annual event bringing together hundreds of top officials from many countries, took place at the beginning of February in the capital of Bavaria. The participants gathered to discuss the current complicated situation in the world. The challenges in the focus were ISIL, Ebola and, naturally, armed hostilities in South-Eastern Ukraine threatening to lead to the full-scaled European war of the 21st century. Needless to say, there was little time left for the participants to enjoy the local scenery.

Still in midst of this atmosphere of anxiety there turned to be people who had come to MSC with some absolute different agenda in mind. In the corridors of Munich the sovereigns were distributing money among their devoted vassals. One of the most loyal one was the Lithuanian president, Dalia Grybauskaite. Perhaps vice-president Joe Baiden should have made his voice sound not so loud when he said that Grybauskaite would get the promised sum of $17mln! His words were not missed on those present there at that time.

The sum is rather huge indeed and it's plain clear this is just a regular donation of the State Department to make rather decent living for the Lithuanian president upon retirement. Although, it can't be excluded that was actually the money meant for Lithuanian pensioners left alone by working younger generations leaving Lithuania in search of better life in other countries to work and pay taxes there. It looks like they are now catering for foreign pensioners due to the "most effective" policy of Grybauskaite!

If it's just the case, Grybauskaite is the right person then to be honored and see during her life term the monument erected to commemorate her vigorous effort to improve living standards of Lithuanian citizens. She doesn't care a bit it comes too costly actually. These are thousands of Ukrainian lives at stake. I mean men, women and their kids living in the houses mercilessly shelled and bombed on the order of Poroshenko with Grybauskaite staying firmly supportive of that barbarous mass murder in Ukraine. I wonder how at all she can sleep, knee deep in blood and having that $17mln salary in her pockets.

What exactly prompted Joe Baiden to appreciate Grybauskaite? The answer is evident. It is Dalia Grybauskaite, a great expert in international law, who brands Russia an aggressor and instigates panic in Eastern Europe scaring it with the precious Russian tanks, thousands of them, already crossing over European trenches. Who else can par her in calling for NATO help to save young European democracies threatened by that monstrous Russian Bear already set to attack? Who else can raise the voice so loud to push anti-Russian sanctions? Sure, only the president of Lithuania is able to manage this.
So, nobody should doubt that Dalia Grybauskaite is serving the people of Lithuania with heart and soul. She is serving and she is being generously paid for her service...... from the American coffers!