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Birthday Party Theme for Your Kids - irvan - 02-24-2015 10:52 AM

For parents, planning birthday party for your kids, might be difficult. Planning theme need a lot of time and dedication. And sometimes everything doesn’t goes along with your plan. But, asking for Event Organizer can be too expensive. But afraid not, we give you some suggestion, so you can save time and give your kids one of the best birthday party. Check it out.

Dinosaur Theme Party

Small kids are interested with dinosaurs at some points, and little kids will be delightful if you invite them a dinosaur theme birthday party. With some unique and affordable party supplies as well as some creativity, you can create your humble living room into a nice and festive venue for dream birthday party with dinosaur theme. Here are some ideas to apply on any kid’s birthday party.

1. Create Jungle Look
Cut the rims of green paper cups into strips and expand them to look like palm trees, and then stick them on small poles. Put them around the windowsills or corners of table. Use jungle theme colors to decorate the room such as green, brown, grey, and such. Use floral or leaf patterned cups, plates or napkins.

2. Create Dinosaur Theme Treats
You probably order dinosaur shaped cake for this party, but what about the other treats? Make cookies using dinosaur shaped cookie cutters and sprinkle them with green or brown sprinkles. Cut small cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into dinosaur forms. Create a dinosaur’s nest by cooking noodle and arrange them in circular form, before putting several boiled eggs in the middle. Serve green soda or fruit juice as the beverage.

3. Give Related Party Favors
There are many party favors you can buy with cheap prices and distribute to little guests. You can buy plastic dinosaur toys, dinosaur puzzles or stickers, and dinosaur rubber bands (the colorful ones that kids put around their wrists). Put them in paper bags tied with green or brown ribbons.

4. Create Dinosaur Related Games
For older kids, you can conduct a dinosaur trivia game with presents for the winners. For smaller kids, you can organize a fossil hunting game by filling baby pool with sand. Hide stones or pebbles deep in the sand and scatter them, and equip each kid with small plastic beach shovels for their tools. The winner with the most stones within the time limit will get prizes.

You can also create dinosaur egg hunting game, which is a twist of Easter egg hunting, but using dinosaur related details such as small dinosaur footprints made of paper as clues, and plastic eggs filled with treats like candy as the actual eggs. To challenge the kids, you can even give them cheap magnifying glasses so they can ‘study’ the footprints you place in random areas on the yard or backyard, which lead to the eggs.

Cake Baking Party

Cake and cupcake are delicious treats and also typical dishes for every birthday party. You can also turn cake or cupcake baking into a fun activity for slightly older kids. With supervision, you can make kids feel happy from sense of achievements, and they can eat their cakes or cupcakes after baking them, adding more fun element to the party activities. You can even create cake baking as your party theme.

You can send invitation cards with cake pictures and chef figures, and decorate the room with all cake-related decorations and colors such as pink, red, yellow and bright green.

You should prepare individual bowls for each kid’s guest, and paper aprons as well as small chef’s hats (so, make sure you count the guests’ numbers right). Here are the steps for the baking activity:
• Put the bowls on one table and patiently ask kids to pour the ingredients one by one, before beating them manually. Make sure you ask each kid’s parents or chaperones pay attention.
• Bake the cake in the oven and let the kids do it, but supervise them and make sure you only allow them putting the baking trays into the oven.
• Do not forget to record the entire process to create your family’s personal ‘baking show.’
• After the cakes are ready, prepare colorful frosting, sprinkles and marzipans, and let each kid to decorate their cakes. Give them small candles to stick on their cakes, light them, and sing Happy Birthday song together before you ask the birthday boy/girl to blow the candle, followed by all kids.
• Let them eat the cakes, and while they are at it, you can play the movie when the kids baking the cake.
• After the cakes are eaten, you and other parents can work together to wash the cake plates or cups, and add the rest of the treats such as sprinkles, chocolate chips and marzipan candies. Use these as party favors. You can also add some other things such as stickers or pins.

Do not forget to take pictures of everyone in their paper hats and aprons, with their freshly baked cakes or cupcakes.

Chocolate Theme Birthday Party

Chocolate is favorite treat for everyone, especially kids, so having chocolate theme birthday party is a great idea. Of course, this is more than just buying everything brown, but you must also buy something unique as well as plan for fun activities and games related to chocolate. For everyone with sweet tooth, including little kids, a chocolate theme birthday party will be a treat that parents will also love to attend.

Here are some ideas to turn your kid’s birthday party into everything chocolate related:
• Do not just stick to brown color; you can buy napkins, plates, cups or some ribbons in brown colors, but involve other colors that go great with brown, such as red, yellow, orange and green.
• Make the invitations chocolate related by putting some chocolate icons around the information, or you can even make homemade chocolate bar invitation. On 6 x 6 inch Word document, type the information with cute fonts and chocolate clip arts around, and print them on decorative paper you can buy at art and craft stores. Wrap a plain chocolate bar with this paper and wrap in plastic tied with ribbons.
• On the plates, you can arrange the guests’ names with chocolate chips or chocolate syrup, and put them on the table. Of course, this means that the food must be able to be eaten with chocolate.
• Provide plain chocolate cake slices, cupcakes, or pretzels, and ask kids to decorate them with jam, syrup, frosting, sprinkles and many more. Allow them to eat the treats later. Or, turn them into party favor instead in paper bags so the kids will not eat too much sugary treats in one party.
• Idea for chocolate treats kids can eat at the party: chocolate ice cream bar that they can decorate themselves with chocolate rice, crushed nuts, and some sprinkles. This is something that even parents or older chaperones can enjoy.
• If you want to make chocolate treats yourself for party favors, you probably can put a small amount of it in goodie bag, but include a card with the recipe of that treat. For example: chocolate candies, chocolate lollipops, or chocolate cupcake. Or, pack some chocolate power packages and marshmallows, and give hot chocolate recipe with marshmallow.

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