How to upgrade to Gold?

We are currently offering free upgrades to Gold Membership for the first 100 members who apply for it. To upgrade for free simply make 10 posts on the forum then post in the Gold Upgrade Thread what you like about or how we can improve Daily Talk Forum and we will upgrade your membership to Gold within 48 hours

The Benefits of Daily Talk Forum Membership

Features Diamond Membership Gold Membership Normal Membership
Number of stars displayed 6 5 1
Reputation weight 3 2 1
Max reputations per day 20 10 5
Can view profiles Yes Yes Yes
Can rate threads Yes Yes Yes
Access to e-book folder Yes Yes Yes
Show on forum team page Yes Yes No
Can have signatures Yes Yes No
Can edit own posts Yes Yes No
Can post attachments Yes Yes No
Can post polls Yes Yes No
Can track PMs Yes Yes No
Can deny PM receipts Yes Yes No
PM Quota Unlimited 200 10
Can add public events Yes No No
Can view invisible users Yes No No
Can use custom titles Yes No No
Can send e-mails to members Yes No No
Cost per month
Closed Free Free

Please Contact Us if you have any questions

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