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Full Version: Robin Hood Movie Review
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When Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe announced that they were going to make a new Robin Hood movie I was excited. The last time that the dynamic duo came together they produced the epic Gladiator movie, so naturally when news of this movie came to light I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck rising.

Just in case you don't know the story of Robin Hood I will fill you in, Robin Hood is a story about a menacing archer who fights for the rights of the poor villagers against the evil and greedy king of England, however this story of Robin Hood is a little different and is more about Robin fighting against the French rather than the English.

This origin movie however is a little slow, and fans of Gladiator might at times think that they were watching a movie from a different director. Sure the texture of a Ridley Scott movie is here and so is the acting talent and clever dialogue however from a Robin Hood movie you would expect a fast paced action packed beast of a movie instead we are given a slow paced turtle.

Having said all of the above you would expect me to give this movie a bad rating, but it's really not that bad in fact if you are patient enough this movie is worth taking a look at, maybe not in the cinema though. The reason for this is that the finale fight scene in this movie that everything builds up to is a real let down.
The film is pretty, and there are a few solid moments every hour. But considered as a work of cinema, with paid professionals involved, it's an extremely lackluster story.
In this movie there's really nothing in the opening of the piece that makes us as an audience member want to really get behind him.
This is Indeed a worth watching movie. I like this Flick Very much.
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