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Full Version: Vitamin D - Immune System Support From the Sun
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For over 60 million years, Vitamin D's ability to destroy microorganisms and strengthen your immune function has been conserved in the genome in animals ranging from humans to squirrel monkeys and baboons. Now, when it seems that we could all use an extra hit of the sunshine vitamin, it is shown to be even more important than we might have expected in waging a war on seasonal flu including this year's rather overblown H1N1.

A study published two months ago out of Oregon State University points to some little known (at least by most people) benefits of Vitamin D, which is actually a type of hormone that circulates in the bloodstream and is abundantly produced as a result of exposure to the sun. It's the presence of Vitamin D that allows the immune system to "turn on" in response to microbial attacks.

Vitamin D also helps the body to prevent what is called the adaptive immune response from over-reacting and in doing so reduces the potential for inflammation. For someone suffering from the flu, this inflammation could be expressed as something as dangerous as bacterial pneumonia, an infection of the lungs.

Research has demonstrated that Vitamin D can support our immune systems and help prevent influenza, but no one is getting that news out to people. Instead our governments are busy pushing all the flu shots that they bought from their friends in the pharmaceutical industry - much better that they buy chemical injections, than educate people about what our bodies are perfectly created to do naturally!
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