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Full Version: How to Improve your Health & Fitness Tips for less than a $1 a day
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Immediately, upon rising, drink a large glass of water.(and maybe a little squeezed lemon)Remember 6-8 glasses a day? Also, this will get things moving if you know what I mean.CHEW YOUR FOOD PROPERLY.Chew between 25 and 50 times.(till you're food is softened and reduced to pulp). Our saliva helps to break our food down so that the stomach can digest it better.SMILE- Research has shown that negative thoughts make us sick and that the act of smiling (even if its forced) can improve our thoughts.
Sounds corny but try it!Get someone to massage your feet or do it yourself.(Can be done watching TV).Reflexology says that stimulation of the feet can help alleviate and prevent various conditions.When pressure is applied to specific areas of the foot a signal is sent from the nervous system to increase circulation and muscular functions to the corresponding area.
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