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Full Version: Do you take Vitamins?
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I'm great about buying vitamins ... horrid at taking them. I've got a cabinet full of everything from a multi-vitamin to fish oil and while I'll get on a kick once in a while and start taking them again, it usually only lasts a few days.
Gotta get better...
I take a multivitamin, ALA, CoQ10, l-carnitine, glucosamine, turmeric curcumin, calcium+D, CLA, fish oil caps. Putting the fish oil caps in the fridge has really helped keep the "fish burps" under control. If you don't like the caps, the Coromega "pudding" style fish oil is surprisingly tasty.
Nope. i have Never bought any and never take any.
And i am fit as a fiddle.
Absolutely, Keriblakn.

Supplements have become increasingly important as our planet becomes more polluted, soils become more depleted and our lives become more stressful. It is no longer possible to optimize health without supplements.

Optimum health is having enough energy to accomplish everything you want to do in a day. It is not just the absence of disease.

Think about the age you want to reach. Say it's 75 year old. Then look at the 75 year old age group and decide who among that group you want to be like when you reach that age. The 75 year olds who still have all their mental faculties and are able to live independently? Or like the 75 year olds who are disabled in almost all aspects of their lives and are passing time in a care center until their body will take no more.

It really is your choice.

You may not be able to turn back your chronological age, but you sure can turn back your biological age.

I know which group I want to be a part of and as a result choose to be proactive in my health... which includes loading my body with high quality supplements that truly make a difference.

Sometimes why people purchase vitamins and then stop taking them is because they don't really feel any difference in their energy levels and overall health. It can seem like a waste of time and a waste of money. And it is actually. If the vitamins you are taking aren't getting to the cells so they can do their job, what would be the point?

The bottom line is that unless you are taking quality supplements and taking them everyday, you may as well not waste the money. A regular routine is necessary. Perhaps this will help... you likely know that your body is constantly replacing cells as the old ones age and die off.

Now every cell that is replaced can only be built on what is available in your body at the exact moment the cell is produced. So if you are lacking in any particular nutrient at that moment, that cell will not have enough of that nutrient... meaning you have just created a weak and vulnerable cell. The cell will succumb to a biological premature death. That's not an issue if it's just a few cells here and there. Our body is designed very will to deal with that.

But what if you wind up with an imbalance where your body's cells are dying off quicker than your body can create news ones to replace the dead ones? This is where premature aging comes in. Every time you body creates a weak cell, it contributes to your own premature aging. This explains the difference between a healthy and able 85 year old and an unhealthy and disabled 85 year old. In fact, this disparity in health and disability is obvious in all age groups.

If you think this is an exaggeration... let me share with you that for the first time in history, the current generation is NOT expected to outlive their parents!

Very sad. But this is a trend that does not have to effect your own family! Just make sure all members of your family are all eating right, getting enough sleep and exercise and take any necessary supplements to make up for stressful lifestyles and the lack of nutrients in their food because of depleted soils and processing.

Tula Smile
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