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Full Version: Is there any special treatment?
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Hello friends,
Please suggest me that..
"How can I deal with hair loss caused by cancer treatments?"
Thank you in advance for your reply and support..
Hair loss from chemo is a side-effect that can't be controlled. I think the best thing to do is contact your doctor's office or a local hospital and see if there is a local organization that helps cancer patients. You can also contact your local United Way as I know in the past they tend to fund organizations and programs that help and support cancer patients. Some of them are able to provide or assist in the cost of purchasing wigs if one so desires. I think the best medicine is support from other cancer survivors and patients.
Hi Robin,
I would not want to offend you or make you feel dejected because what Vega has said is the truth. The chemotherapy has a side-effect of the hair fall, there is no medicine found as of now. However, the locally active organization helping the cancer patients would be able to help you better in this matter. I would suggest you to visit a doctor at the earliest as they would be the best person to help you out with this problem.
Wear a hat or wig until it grows back. Thats what most do dont they?
Off topic a bit but i had to say it.
You have a link in your sig. No biggy. But i checked it out only because it looked like methadone.
And well you could imagine my laughter when i saw this?

[Image: 12680419084059_Capture.jpg]

I guess you must have been thinking the same when you made that typo Smile
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