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Full Version: Where is your favorite place to travel and why?
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I've been to Holland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Cezch Republic, India, Thailand and 30 of the continental states so I'm just looking for some ideas.
Wow, that`s quite well travelled.

I`ve been to the US (probably San francisco is my very favourite place), Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Tunisia, Greek islands, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Romania, Spanish Islands, Denmark and probably a few more I can`t remember right now.

Just remembered - Barbados.
Hello,i m also very fond of travlling. I have been in Malasia, England , Canada these are beautiful cites to work as wel as outing. Besides this in Pakistan Swat, Murrie, Gilgut also have very beautiful sceries to look at.Many forigners come there to enjoy their holidays.
My favourite place to travel is a Paris thus it is a wonderful city and capital of a France thus it is a provide a many facility stay and other guidance for travel in Paris thus It have a many historical places like Eiffel Tower and it have a best cultural and it is a largest city.
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