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Full Version: Kanye West's $15,000 sunglasses
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by: newsdesk

[Image: kanye_west_Interview_kanye_interview.jpg]
Kanye West reportedly spent $15,000 getting 50 pairs of his favourite sunglasses shipped to America.

The 'Stronger' singer - who is a huge fan of Italian shades company Carrera
- was so desperate to get his hands on the exclusive eyewear that he paid the staggering amount to ensure delivery before the new range was released in the US.

A source said: "Kanye loves Carrera sunglasses. He thinks they are trendy and make him look really suave. He was so determined to secure the delivery that he paid the $15,000 bill without even asking for a discount."

Kanye - who shot to fame as a style icon when he wore a series of horizontal-slatted colour aviator sunglasses - recently announced his fashion company Pastelle is set to team up with Australian label Ksubi to release a new range of sunglasses.

He said: "I love the sunnies Ksubi has produced over the years, and it's an honour to collaborate with them on this first instalment of Pastelle frames."

The line, which will feature limited edition gold frames, will launch worldwide in October.
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