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Full Version: Shetty: India wishes Goody well
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Indian actress Shilpa Shetty said she wished Jade Goody well after the star was diagnosed with cervical cancer.
"I'd like to say on behalf of the people of India that we wish her well and our prayers are with her," the Bollywood star told GMTV.
It comes 18 months after Goody was accused of racism towards Shetty on the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother.
Goody had been appearing in the Indian version of the show when she was informed by doctors of her illness.
"It's so sad for someone so young to be diagnosed with such a dreadful illness - it's horrible," Shetty said.

'Complete empathy'
The actress said that Goody, who had been appearing in Bigg Boss to make amends for her comments towards Shetty, had begun to "work her way into people's hearts".
"People had started to see a different side to Jade, it was unbelievable to see the change in her.
"It was interesting to see she had put in the effort to curb her aggressive streak, she was much calmer."
Shetty said she did not know that Goody was going to enter the Bigg Boss house until the last minute and held no ill feelings towards her.
She added that it was "very emotional" when the 27-year-old told her fellow housemates of her diagnosis, and that everyone had "complete empathy for her".
Goody arrived back in the UK on Wednesday for more tests and treatment.
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