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Full Version: Katy Perry gets back at ex's on CD
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by: newsdesk

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Katy Perry uses her new album to get back at her ex-boyfriends.

On her LP 'One of the Boys' Katy makes fun of several former lovers, even laughing about the size of one's manhood on 'Ur So Gay'.

Katy told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "I had some fun with 'Ur So Gay', it's also about guys with guy-liner that use flat irons. It's just a saying. It's like calling someone a 'b***h.' You're like, 'Hey, b***h'. It just felt appropriate."

The 23-year-old singer has also laughed off claims her lyrics are homophobic, saying she thinks the gay community will "embrace" her songs.

She added: "I think gay people have a wonderful sense of humour. I think they'll get it and embrace it. "It's an anthem for power of the people - for females, gays, exes, anybody who's been broken up with that wants to get over a guy."

Katy has also reacted to reports her parents - both strict Christian ministers - are upset about her racy lyrics.

Katy added: "I'm sure they opt out of singing 'I Kissed a Girl' or 'Ur So Gay', but they're singing along to every other song on the record. They're just glad I'm not strung out, doing centrefolds and s**t like that."

Earlier this week, Katy's mother Mary Hudson branded her daughter's hit single 'I Kissed a Girl' as "shameful and disgusting".

Mary said: "I can't even listen to that song. The first time I heard it I was in total shock. It promotes homosexuality and its message is shameful and disgusting. When it comes on the radio I bow my head and pray.

"She is our daughter and we love her but we strongly disagree with how she is conducting herself and she knows how disappointed we are." 'One of the Boys' is out in the UK on September 15.
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