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2 new plans...limited time frame/ $25 min

EliteVentures.net LTD
Incorporated 8-21-06
Certificate #030301
Republic of Seychelles
Under the International Business Companies Act, 1994

We have aquired a license from goldcoders! Now we are Licensed, and Customized!

Check here: http://www.goldcoders.com/?page=checkdomain

eliteventures.net - Licensed

Organization Name: EliteVentures.net Ltd
Email: support@eliteventures.net
Address: 306 Victoria House
City: Victoria
State/Province: Mahe
Country: Seychelles
US Phone: 1-978-925-5199

Introduction: This is a fairly new program (started late July) and many of you may already be in it. It was set-up in conjunction with another forum to help people recover losses from many of the scams out there and offers attractive returns. It didn't offer any referral bonus originally and has just started offering a small 1%, this is not the reason I'm showing it as I was about to offer it when there was no referral bonus.

Due Diligence status: The current DD (some shown below) I have is Level 1 (Electronic), which is all I can get for many others but I will try and get some Level 2 (Physical) DD soon, but I require a high level investment of over $100k to be able to do this. I may even introduce a pool for EV in October as we may be able to raise the required high level for full DD disclosure, so that we know it is completely real and stable, plus we can then qualify for the 80% per month return. I'll notify SYF members if I decide to do this which won't be for at least 6 to 8 weeks yet, but you can still invest directly at 40%+ and do well at the moment, see plans below.

The EV website is hosted on a secured dedicated server at Godaddy Software Inc., servers, which is not where scams normally locate their websites as GoDaddy will not take anonymous payments i.e. e-Gold etc., so the site owners have leased their server legitimately. The route also has anti-DDoS protection and I have been informed that they have a full time programmer looking after the server and site scripts, so it appears that they have set-up a legitimate operation and have prepared themselves to look after it properly. When there have been a few problems with the new website then they have been corrected very quickly, so this is also good news.

Investment Plans: Minimum $25, no maximum. They have a Plans to help smaller investors get started and then do The normal "Achievement Plans" are 40% to 80% Return on Investment (ROI) per month, dependant on investment level and principle back in 6 months. So in 6 months you would have got (if rates remain the same) 240% (2.4x) to 480% (4.8x) on your investment, plus your principle returned. If you manually compound by re-investing some of the profits each month then this will be much higher, see example in my financial planner below.
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