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Full Version: Help me please, I need a good job
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I am in first time on this forum.
I search job, like work from home, but i can not find.
Please help me, where i should find what i need.
Maybe it will be database or something else

Thank you.

P.S. I live in Texas
Hi Jason, Welcome to the forum Big Grin

What type of work do you want to do from home and someone here will try to help 8)
There are always Teacing jobs available at this school,


Ampro David English House was established in Thailand in 1996 and has grown steadily since then. The owner of Ampro David English House in Thailand is Ajarn Chaniga Silpa-Anan, retired Associate Professor of English at Chulalongkorn University. The school is affiliated with David English House schools in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, the founder of which is David Paul the author of the 'Finding Outฬ and 'Communicate' series of TEFL books. David Paul has spent many years in Asia teaching English and has developed a highly successful method of teaching young Asian learners. This phonetic based method of teaching is used in all David English House schools. Full training and ongoing support will be given to all teachers by David Paul or his staff.
Most of the positions with Ampro David English House exist in Thai schools in Bangkok and upcountry. The range of students is from kindergarten to the secondary school level. All teachers are provided with necessary resources.
Ampro David English House also provides medical and accident insurance, work permits and extension of visas to all foreign employees as well as helping them to find accommodation close to their school. Once again, assistance and advice will always be available for matters concerning any aspect of living and working in Thailand. We may look forward to welcoming you to Ampro David English House, which we surely will provide you with an interesting and rewarding career move.
Positions available:

1. High school (government school) in Bangkok ,10 - 12 month contract starting 1 May 2005 (8 positions)

2. Kindergarten School in Bangkok ,11 month contract 1 starting 1 May 2005

The training will be during May 8-13, 2005.
We provide accommodations for teachers coming from abroad during the training and assist you in finding accommodation.

Benefits includes
- 26,000 Baht basic salary
- 20,000 Baht Bonus at the end of contract
- Visa and Work permit cost paid by the company
- 40 days paid holidays
- sick leaves and business leaves
- Health and accident insurance
- lesson plans and curriculum prepared

If you would like any further information concerning Ampro David English House please do not hesitate to contact us:
Assoc.Prof.Chaniga Silpa-Anan
Ampro David English House
423/3 Samsen 28, Bangkrabue, Dusit, Bangkok 10300 Thailand
Tel (66)(2) 669-2969 Fax (66)(2) 243-5103
Quote:P.S. I live in Texas
Could be a bit far to travel to and from work though Daniel. :lol:
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