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Full Version: What is your favorite food?
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Tell us what food you like. :wink2:
My favorite food is barbecue chicken. The best chicken i have had in my entire life. It is so delicious that it gets squeezed easily putting in your mouth. Just try once the chicken of "Barbecue Nation".......
I also like to eat barbecue chicken most, this is one of my favourite food, I think that This inexpensive meat is easy to barbecue with consistent results. The process for chicken is very similar to other meats.
There isn't really a lot of food I don't like. Wink

Chicken, pork, beef, lamb, turkey, almost any kind of meat.

All vegetables, and yes that definitely includes sprouts, I love them.

I like all forms of potatoes, whether jacket, chips, mashed, roasted....

Love fruit too.

Chinese, Thai, most curries, (though not TOO hot!)

As for puddings, again not much I don't like. Smile

As I say I think I have a wide taste in foods.
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