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Full Version: How do you container garden?
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Tell us if you have interesting or unusual ways of container gardening. Photos would be great if possible. Smile
The last couple years, I've been growing tomatos in my backyard in an Earthbox. It's worked great and it's easy to give the plant the right amount of water. It's designed with a resevoir at the bottom than fills with water and is absorbed slowly into the soil above. Here's a picture of the tomato plant I grew a couple years back in the Earthbox:
Earthbox / Tomato Plant
Hi COG, neat idea which goes to prove you don`t need a huge garden to grow something like tomatoes. How`s the plant now, getting much from it?

Welcome to our forum. :wink:
neat, COG, that shows that small spaces can be used in very productive ways. :wink:
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