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Full Version: Dok Bua Phut
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Rafflesia kerrii or "Dok Bua Phut" in Thai, the world's second largest flower and the largest flower in Thailand, measures 70-cms in diameter. Native to Khao Sok, they are sometimes found near the park headquarters. Locals use the striking red flower in traditional medicines. It has a rank odour that attracts flies that serve as pollinators.

[Image: 76khaosok.jpg]
The plant is a parasite to the wild grapes of the genus Tetrastigma, but only the flowers are visible. Small buds appear along the trunk of the host, which after 9 months open the giant flowers. After just one week the flower dies. Even though it blossoms all year round, it is best seen in the winter months, when the more dry and cooler weather makes trekking more comfortable.

The flower is endangered. Though already naturally rare, tourists trying to get close to the flower for photos easily trample the host plant or young buds.

According to the local people the flower also has medical powers. A tea made from the flower buds is said to help the female uterus to restore after giving birth. However western medicine doesn't recognize any medical power of the flower.

The flower is the symbol flower of Surat Thani Province, which is the location of the Khao Sok NP.
To my surprise in Thailand havn't seen such a beautiful looking flower, you say it is endangered admin, this is certainly a flower i would like to see, What an enormous flower, It looks so robust.
The Khao Sok Forest is considered to be the greatest in Southern Thailand. Many people from Surat Thani and the neighboring areas depend on Khao Sok for their livelihood. Visitors to this national park can enjoy the foliage, waterfalls, and a beautiful lake.

Location The Khao Sok National Park Travel Thailand
The Khao Sok National Park is located in Amphoe Phanom and Amphoe Ban Ta Khun in the mountainous Surat Thani Province. Inside the park you will find the Ratchaprapha Dam and the Bua Phut, the largest flower in the world. The National Park Office is in Amphoe Phanom.

Visiting the Forest: in the park there are several trails you can take to see waterfalls like the Wing Hin, Ton Sai, Than Sawan, Sib-ed Chan (eleven levels), and Mae Yai. All of these falls are relatively small, but offer majesty all the same. However, no trip to Khao Sok would be complete without seeing the Bua Phut flowers. The best time to see these natural giants is during the winter when they reach their full bloom.
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