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Full Version: What's your favourite holiday spot in Europe?
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London, Paris, Rome? Why do you like visiting there and what do you do there? What are the tourist attractions there? Icon_cool
London - Although I live in the UK I haven`t been to London for a few years. Far too hectic, fast pace of life, and expensive. I have to admit there are some great attractions, British Museum, theatres etc, but I just don`t like the hustle and bustle. Americans love places like London though, Buckingham Palace and other historic buildings are something they`re not used to.

Paris - Romantic city, lots to do and see, Eiffel Tower is great, River Seine, Champs Elysees (not sure I`ve spelt that right), and, for those so inclined, Disney Paris. Mostly good food also helps.

Rome - Never been, though I have visited other parts of Italy.
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