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Full Version: Which e-Currency do you prefer?
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Which e-Currency do you prefer?

There are a number of Internet Currencies or Electronic Currencies available these days with more and more popping up every day. Let us know your preferred e-Currency and why you prefer to use that particular currency e.g. Security Features, Easy to Exchange, Easy to Use, Popularity etc.

List of the more Popular e-Currencies

Pay Pal
Storm Pay
Net Pay
Money Bookers
Friendly Pay
Web Money

If you know of any more please add to the list
Well, since members are only allowed to vote for one option, I went for e-gold. I like the fact it`s fast, unfussy, and no chargebacks. :wink:

I have to say though that I also quite like PayPal and MoneyBookers, though they are just a bit more `fiddly` but perhaps that`s just me.

Stormpay? NO THANKS! Not after the debacle with the Autosurfs and HYIPs over the past couple of months, particularly the 12DailyPro fiasco.


I also voted egold because it is the best in my opinion, quick and efficient which to me is what a processor should be about as well as no chargebacks.

Stormpay have no credibilty in my opinion, they can seize your funds as they have done prior, plus i think you can only use them for Stormpay auctions now.
Luuv the avatar los. 8)

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