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Full Version: What music do you like?
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G'day, I was just wondering what type of music everyone likes and also what type of bands. I myself am into Rock and Roll and I like bands such as AC/DC (Great Aussie Band), Led Zeppelin, Cold Chisel(another good Aussie band), The Beatles, Chuck Berry, The Eagles, Queen and a bit of Motorhead even though I am not into metal all that much. I like alot more but these are my favourites.


most of that list makes it onto my list and then some
Midnight Oil
Ayers Rock
Air Supply
Daddy Cool
Skyhooks (the Australian band )
Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs
Little River Band
Max Merritt and the Meteors
Peter Allen
The Masters Apprentices
Mental as Anything
Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons
Ted Mulry Gang
Brian Cadd
Helen Reddy
Iron Maiden
Led zeppelin
Stevie Wright
the Angels

just some of i can think of
all Aussie bands that rock

then there are the many none mainstream bands that dont make the public lists, but you would have to be an Aussie to know any one of them so i wont bother.
Josh, We must be around the same age Icon_mrgreen I grew up with all the bands that you mentioned above. Some other great Aussie bands, Australian Crawl, INXS, Men at Work, Mental As Anything, Midnight Oil

Cold Chisel and AC/DC were the greatest, they produced songs that moulded a generation. Some of the first concerts that I ever went to were Kiss, Adam Ant Icon_eek and Midnight Oil

Cheap wine and a three day growth... Cheap wine and a three day growth... c'mon! Icon_biggrin


cheap wine is certainly not an Australian past time
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