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Are there any folks interested in Greyhounds ?

I own and race a couple and find the sport very exciting and rewarding. I treat all my dogs with love and respect and they enjoy the thrill of the race as much as I do.

Here is my favorite hound, Kristy (Racing Name : Oyster Attack)

[Image: July%2014%2007_small.jpg]

You can find her stats here : Oyster Attack Stats
Quote:Here is my favorite hound, Kristy (Racing Name : Oyster Attack)

She looks like a winner Rick, does she race just in WA or National as well?
She is currently racing only in WA at the Cannington Track (City Class)

She is still a baby (Born June '05) and has a long way to go. Kristy is a stayer (715m) and they are a rare find, with only around 20 "good" performers here in the state. I rank her as the best in the State, and I am sure that the next three months will prove me right with the possibility of earning another 30 - 40k in that time.

I do expect that if she can get her time over the 715 metres down to below 41.80 sec, she will be up there with the best in the country and we will need to find some races for her in the eastern states.....that is where the big money is.
I have loaded some of her races here for public viewing....enjoy Icon_wink

Click here for Oysters Race Videos
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