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Full Version: Greyhounds
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Kristy wins another one !

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Hey Rick, when is she running again next and I will back her for a win and place Icon_cheesygrin
She will be running this Saturday night in a "Free to All" race over 715 metres.

I have attached the Racebook via PDF file.

She is in Race 9, box 1.

She will come up against the current State distance champion in Petite Mamselle in box 4. She is capable, and the race will indeed be an exciting event. If she can win this she will prove herself to be a very special bitch indeed, with her offspring being extremely valuable. (between 5k & 10k each)
Petite Mamselle has been scratched from the race. Must be scared Icon_razzIcon_wink

She apparently has a split in her toe webbing.
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