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Full Version: THAI jet in minor accident in Madrid
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THAI jet in minor accident in Madrid

By ThaiDay

17 July 2006

A Thai Airways International jumbo jet was due to land at Bangkok International Airport late last night after what was described as an on-ground collision with a smaller Air France plane in Madrid that damaged its right wing tip and led to the cancelation of the flight, the airline said.

THAI flight TG943, a Boeing 747-400 with 240 passengers on board, was taxiing at the airport when its right wing tip struck the wing of an empty Fokker plane belonging to the French national carrier, said Sunathee Isvarphornchai, corporate communications vice president at THAI.

The Madrid-to-Rome flight was canceled, and the passengers were switched to other airlines.

The ill-fated aircraft was flown home yesterday after THAI’s engineers replaced the damaged wing tip, Sunathee said.

The cause of the accident remains unknown, and THAI said that it will make an announcement after Madrid authorities have concluded their investigation.

It was the second time in less than two years that a THAI aircraft was involved in an accident while on the ground.

Last year, a Singapore Airlines plane struck a THAI aircraft at Bangkok International Airport and damaged its wing tip.

In a separate incident last year, a THAI air-conditioning unit collided with a stationary Bangkok Airways Boeing 717 at Bangkok International Airport, causing the Bangkok Airways flight to be canceled.

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