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Full Version: Photo Competition 2007
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Thanks for starting this competition off Spunner. The images looks great, do you have a title / caption for them Icon_cheesygrin
admin Wrote:Hi Marty, looks like an enjoyable trip on the river, I added the image as a thumbnail so that the page loads a little quicker

A trip up the river is a very nice experience especially if you have a good boat and driver. My wife's sister set it up and we all went with a guy they knew she works as a manager at the Dusit CRai. It was an all day affair and we had a blast. We paid for the boat and her sister paid for the beer...LOL I got off cheap even though Luk and I don't drink.Icon_razz We went up almost to Burma, the driver decided that we could not go any further as it may become dangerous as various parties might shoot at us further upriver. We stopped at a hot springs and boiled eggs. Ran into some hilltribe kids and had a blast with them teaching them English and sharing our Coke and chips. Went to a cave temple in the middle of no where by hiking through the bush on a little used path and did the Tourist stick at some village that was setup to part the tourists from their money. We even went on an Elephant excursion when we met this guy with an elephant for hire, really cheap too about 300Bt and it took about an hour, he took us way up into the jungle but we both felt nauseous most of the time from the motion, I wasn't expecting that...LOL Way more interesting than the commercial elephant camp idea.

Anyway, I have an old camera i can loan someone. Why no pictures I'm sure that everyone has lots and lots so lets get going because I'm in the lead for the 20 bucks at the moment..Icon_mrgreen
On the River Klong Near my home in Ban Mung, Ban Pong, Ratchaburi
Great picture, I think you are in the lead my friend.
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