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Full Version: True or False Game
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The rules are simple, the game is played by asking for the person below to answer True or False to.

[post 1]
"The person below me hates celery"

[post 2]
The next person to post will answer "True" or "False", then ask a question of their own.

"The person below me has a dog"

[post 3]
"The person below me is over 40"
REMEMBER: The answers must be able to be answered true or false - feel free to go into more detail in your answers if you want to!

It is just a game, don´t take it seriously. Icon_wink

Ok I will start

The person below me has a hairy chest.
True but not very. :0

The person below me has a strange accent.
True, I sound like a Kiwi Icon_razz

The person below me likes Pizza
True. Mushroom topping...Icon_biggrin
The person below me is a morning person
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