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Full Version: Trivia Quiz 26
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admin Wrote:Definitely time for another clue Icon_biggrin

Its a type of BUS :wink:

Its mainly found in Bangkok, "weaving dangerously" in and out of the traffic

I've never been on a bus in Bangkok so......... I'm just guessing here.

Green Minibus?????????????????
Chicken bus..... the kind with the groceries and chickens on the roof waiting to under a low overpass to take the top row of chickens off
[Image: win.gif]

Quote:Green Minibus?????????????????

Well done Marty, that is correct Icon_mrgreen

The infamous Small Green Mercedes Buses

Quote:The small green buses should be avoided, but cost 2.5 baht. These have been called "the unloved buses" because they belch choking black pollution, the drivers are aggressive, and their routes are confusing and change often. Forget the bus maps. If you aren't Thai and familiar with where the particular bus is going (e.g., yelled out the window by the fare attendant), then don't take a chance.

Read all about Bangkok Buses at Thailand Guru



Marty please PM me your e-gold account number
admin Wrote:Marty please PM me your e-gold account number

Roll it over once again..Icon_mrgreen

toopeekaa - should get an honorable mention because i almost pee'd myself when I read it because I was laughing so hard...Icon_biggrin
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