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Full Version: MoneyMovesAsia
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I thought that this program might be of interest to members of this forum, as it has become a popular topic in the HYIP/investing community and it involves investment in small Asian markets.

Taken from the site:
Quote:MoneyMovesAsia makes HIGH-YIELDING offline investments in the capital-starved emerging markets of Southeast Asia: Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam and worldwide. Our founder, CHRIS JOHNS, is an established investor and businessman who had operated numerous businesses in various developing countries and emerging markets over the past 6 years. His involvement in Telecommunications, Call Centers, and Offshore Business Process Outsourcing Firms (BPO) and other infrastructure projects has given him the necessary knowledge and credibility to minimize risk and maximize gains on these highly lucrative ventures.

MoneyMovesAsia will not only make you money but will also serve to help you enrich the lives of people who have so much promise but just need a little "push--" entrepreneurs with groundbreaking business ideas but have no access to capital. These are HIGH ROI ventures. It is not uncommon that investment in small businesses in these markets will have a return of investment 20-50% Monthly. We will help you tap into these profits. See how money moves so you can move with it.


Pays: 10%-20% monthly

I contacted the admin, Chris Johns to invite him to this forum to discuss his program. He responded that he is interested, but that he has also been very busy interacting with other forums as well. So far, he has been open to providing information. He provides Verification Documents - passport and bank statements. Apparently the admin of forum - has also chatted on webcam with Chris, confirming that he matches the picture on his passport. Big Grin His full address and phone, bank wire information, are also posted on site which adds to transparency.
Min spend = $50 for monthly 10% return. Also, a good portfolio of already closed investment opps.


Quote:Whois Record for
Page Information
Record Type: Domain Name
Server Data
IP Address:
IP Location: United States - Arizona - Scottsdale - Go Daddy Software Inc
Blacklist Status: Clear (history)
SSL Cert: No valid SSL on this Host
Website Status: Active
Reverse IP: 2,189,522 other sites hosted on this server

Registry Data
Created: 20-Apr-2006
Expires: 20-Apr-2007
Registrar Status: REGISTRAR-LOCK
Whois Server:
Whois History: 12 records have been archived
Whois Record

Chris Johns
3161 beaumont dr
highland, Michigan 48356
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 20-Apr-06
Expires on: 20-Apr-07
Last Updated on: 20-Apr-06

Administrative Contact:
Johns, Chris Whois Privacy and Spam Prevention by Whois Source
3161 beaumont dr
highland, Michigan 48356
United States

Technical Contact:
Johns, Chris Whois Privacy and Spam Prevention by Whois Source
3161 beaumont dr
highland, Michigan 48356
United States

Domain servers in listed order:

For more information about the program, please go visit the site.

Thanks Grateful for the info, any news on how the program is performing, monthly returns etc.
Sawadee Krap Grateful,

I am grateful you invited me here Smile

Some of you may already know me, I am Chris Johns, former owner of CheapTalk Phone card (aka: Cheap Charlie' CheapTalk Phone card) which was very popular amongst farangs before Thaksin shut us down in early 2004. We offered overseas calling cards much lower than CAT, and were by far the cheapest phone card available in Thailand at that time. ( - no longer ours)

I just want to let you know that I am here to answer any questions you have regarding MoneyMovesAsia, but I encourage you to contact me directly by phone or email for a faster response.

The main thing that made me finally decide to show up here is not to promote MoneyMovesAsia (it promotes itself enough), but to look for some help. We are in need of 2-3 sales professional from US, UK or AU only, preferably American, since our clients are American. We would be offering a basic salary of $1000 USD/mo plus high commissions. You should make at least $1500/mo or more. You would have to work 40 hours per week (US time) that means you might have to give up a bit of your nightlife! This is a telecommutor position, you must have a PC, reliable broadband, we will provide VOIP device if you dont have one already. This is a starting salary and I expect it to grow with our company. We are currently in the Fund raising process for capital to start our major expansion.

Investors: If you have 10-50K or more to invest in a Private Placement in a hyper-growth sector, please read here, if you are still interested after reading that check this out

Our company website is so you can know what we are all about.

Chris Johns
Managing Director
SupportSave Solutions
(206) 350-0106 fax
+63-919-736-5842 cell (urgent only)
Yahoo Messenger: SeenOnScreen
Skype: moneymovesasia (chat only)
ICQ: 319162821

US Office – Michigan
3161 Beaumont Dr.
Highland, MI 48356
(248) 232-7993 Worldwide

Manila Office
1144 Heartland Condo Suite 305
San Antonio, Makati 1200
Philippines +632-896-4252

Cebu Office
Danaque Bldg, Suite 506
Osmena Blvd, Cebu City
Philippines +6332-255-5087
Thanks Chris for taking the time to post here. The fact that you are looking for sales people is a great indication of growth planning for MMA.
Sounds like an interesting and inviting opp.

Quote:In addition, I wanted to pass along some further information I received from Chris concerning his program:


I would like thank you for the opportunity to be a member of you
group, and to clarify a few things about what are investment program
is, and what it is not.

First of all, I am an American doing business in Asia for a number
of years now. I own a Profitable and growing Offshore Outsourcing
company (BPO) with facilies based in the Phlippines for almost 2
years. I encourage you to call my office between the hours of 12pm-
12am EST (NEW YORK TIME)at 248-232-1331 ext 101. We also have
provide references of our US Based Accountant and Lawyer, as well
as bank references to our US and Singapore bank. Actual phone
numbers and email addresses of real people.

I realize the dangers and risks associated with HYIP's we are not a
HYIP at all really. I started this program for a few reasons, one
was to give an opportunity for entreprenuers to access to small
amounts of capital in the developing world, but also worldwide. My
main reason was that I was introduced to the HYIP/AUTOSURF industry
and had the idea of somehow giving people a real option to earn high
yields and benefit everyone at the same time, we invest in companies
and help them with by also giving them access to our other companies
infrasture and talent pool. You will notice our yield are among the
lowest and least attractive. I saw people losing money, throwing it
away actually, and wanted to offer a viable alternative.

I invest in each of these small businesses and projects that are
posted and we act as more of an investment pool. I work hard to see
that each project sucessed, because I am invested in it, and if it
doesnt it will tarish my relationship. When I started the "pooled"
fund I funded it with my own cash so that it would have a cash
balance to carry the losses for a few months until the revenues
caught up. I also allocated restricted shares in a PULICLY traded
company that worth over $15,000. Our program is small and I expect
it will stay that way, we have small limits on the maxium cash
balance allowed in the general fund, and Close it from time to time
so that our cash balance from investors never exceeds 7,500. We want
all the money to be invested and working for us so it doesnt dilute
the returns for everyone else.

Maybe you don't agree with me or my vision, but I can assure you
this, there is nothing, dishonest or secret about our program. I
share proof that we invest the money where we say we invest it and
proof of the assets. I allow people to login to my bank accounts and
verify my Identity.

One very easy was to verify my identity is to click here this is a front page news article
with my photo from 10 years ago about a business I started when I
was 19 years old. Then you can look at the scanned copy of my
passport to see I am the guy I say I am, lastly you can IM me and I
can invite you to view my webcam. I have posted my bank statement so
you can we pay for 37 Phone lines each month, so we are a real
company. You can also see we pay our hosting and domain services
through those accounts as well.

Last I wanted to clarify a few things...., yes there is a
connection from SupportSave and MoneyMovesAsia, it is explained on
the website, please take the time to browse and read completely
before drawing conclusions. All of these things are explained very
simply. We have a hosting account through goddaddy, one of the world
largest hosting providers, and we host all of our sites under this
one account. (2 months) (2 years) (5 years) (2 years)
CallOnThe.Net (3 years)

I used to own a limo/airport transporation company a few years
before I moved to Asia. A AAbsolute Transportation/Luxury Sedan &
Taxi serive, I still get many calls and I pass them on to Wolverine
Car Services, Farmington Hills, MI and he sends me a check each
month for $100 or so, not much, but it helps his business and $100
is still $100.

Keep in mind we make offline verifiable investments, CruiseCam that
was mentioned, is a publicly traded company that reports to the SEC,
their ticker symbol is CCMJ there is an obundance of information on
this company. The same methods of due diligence may not be effective
for us as it would be for a traditional HYIP. I am going to wrap
this up here, if I missed something please remind me and Ill adress
it prompty.

After following this topic around a few 'boards', I have faith that this is one of the few genuine programs, and Chris is a very 'real' person and probably someone very interesting to work for!

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