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Full Version: Aged German females go to Ukraine to have an experimental baby?
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Perhaps you already know the story of 65 year old Annegret Raunig, a citizen of Germany, who just went into Ukraine to do the thing forbidden by German laws in Germany. She became pregnant artificially in Ukraine and she is going to have her 14th baby in Germany now. Ukraine has got some different laws allowing this thing and maybe many other things under taboo in the civilized Europe.
Matter of fact aged women risk to have babies with rather bad health with some bad gene illnesses. Crazy women sort of Annegret are actually doing harm to the German nation which was once purified, though in the most cruel way of course. Now the health of the German nation is under severe risk, for there are plenty of women in Germany set to follow Annegret's example! Merkel must ban such things or demand that such women never come back again!
Btw A familiar doc says there are special medical labs in that Ukraine where they are doing experiments to make an ideal soldier or sort of it. What if Merkel allowed aged German women to take part in it? If something goes wrong you can always say this is due to age risks and all that you know.
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