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Full Version: Editing posts
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Sorry if this has been asked before but I searched for it but could not find a thread on it.

I posted some posts today but could not find how to edit one after I had posted.

Can members edit their own posts after posting?
Sorry. That function was disabled.

Please let me know the details if you want to change the contents, and we will do them for you.
I could edit mine right away. But I do suggest a "courtesy edit wait time" before the "edited" indicator appears in the post. Looks bad, if you just corrected a typo. Most forums don't show the "edited" before 15 minutes after the post. Can usually be set in the ACP.

So don't take this for having made a typo again, when I'm "editing" this post again. Gotta check! Icon_redface

Quick edit just for testing. Ok, problem cleared. To keep that from appearing one gotta use "Quick edit". Well, I haven't practiced posting on this forum for a while.
Gold members can edit posts. I am thinking I need to setup a promotion that members may be promoted to gold members when their posts count reachs to a level.

There is no such setting to set 15 minutes before "edited by" message showing in posts. Maybe I am wrong, please let me know if you know how to set it.
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