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Full Version: Change of Ownership Announcement
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Hello everyone,

This is to announce that the ownership of The Daily Talk Forum was transferred over to me on Sep. 15, 2011. I will handle all administration of the community.

I would like to thank Phil's great job of creating, maintaining and promoting Daily Talk Forum since 2006. This forum has grown into the Best Daily Talk Forum around is because of his hard work.

Moving forward, I will try my best to build a more friendly, helpful, bigger and stronger community.

Thank you everyone for your support. Smile

Welcome as the new owner and admin of Daily Talk Forum. John has many plans for the forum for the future in terms of marketing, development and content. I wish him every success for the future

A special thanks to all the support team and members for making DTF a great place to visit
Welcome, John!
Thank you Spunner.
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