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Full Version: Anyone migraines
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Does anyone else here suffer from migraines? I get them terribly. I have tried medications, changes in diet as well as alternative methods. However, nothing seems to help much.
I gte migranes at least once a month, and they are horrible. I useally take IMITREX, and that helps me.
To be honest I don`t know much about migraines since I`m fortunately not troubled with them.

You probably know though from what you say about diet that there are certain things that apparently trigger migraines, and many sufferers stay away from certain cheeses and chocolate products for that reason.
This is very true.

And you are very lucky not to have one. The worst one i have ever had, was about a year ago. It came on strong, and no medicine would help. My head was hovered over the toilet, and i was hoping, that i would be sick, but it never came, and the headache would not go away.
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