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Full Version: How Old Are You?
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How Old Are You?

As I am so young, only 13, I find it hard to imagine that many people posting on Talk Thailand may be of different ages, some may even be double my age! So post a reply here and tell us how old you are, that way I can find it easier to talk to you when I know your age, and I will see if there are any people that are the same age as me.


**Mod edit** If you are under the age 18 please be careful before posting your age.
lol well I am more than double your age
admin Wrote:lol well I am more than double your age

Hey Phil,

Can`t believe that! You`ve been telling me these last few years I`ve known you that you are still only 21. :lol:
lol well yep 21 in heart Smile
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