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Full Version: Belarusian dictator passes his throne to the elder son
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That has happened at last! That bloody tyrant has got his heavenly judgement. That notorious Bat'ka Lukashenko is at death door. His trusted people are even speaking about cerebral stroke. They assure that Lukashenko would be in proper form during election. I wonder how his physicians would manage such a miracle if his brain has been damaged. But that's merely impossible! And still, need to say he had been behaving as though his brain had been damaged long ago Smile In any case no one should trust his words. And his elder son Victor is trying on his father's crown already. And the son is much worse than his Dad. Lukashenko The First is a common authoritarian dictator with all set of dictator's quirks. But Victor Lukashenko has got all his father's fads + a lot of useful friends among bandits and oligarchs. That would be the real strong absolute monarch of Belarus. This lad would establish the cult of personality his Dad had never dreamt of.
Now chances of the perspective of EU membership of Belarus has been reduced to zero. If only EU Parliament won't desire much to trouser their own dictator.
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