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Full Version: Rooney to quit Man Utd?
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Wayne Rooney is reportedly ready to quit Old Trafford following a string of arguments with Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson.. Talks over a new contract for the United striker appear to have stalled, paving the way for Rooney to leave in the January transfer window. Real Madrid have reported of being interested of his pickup if he indeed does go on the market! Who will sir alex ferguson pick up next??!!
No doubt about it, Rooney has lost that 'touch' right now. Normally, anyone arguing with Sir Alex comes off second best.
Yep.. I wonder if he made the correct choice to lose tevez instead of rooney??!! Tevez is really playing good football as of late! Personally, i think Man UTD needs a new striking force, Owen, Berbatov and rooney just dont cut it
The amazing thing is this guy is on around £90,000 a week. According to reports he went with prostitutes, put his marriage on the line, isn't playing very well (for his standards), then has a whinge when he gets left out of the side.
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